American Political Thrillers to Read This January 2021

Spy stories always make for a great political thriller. The 2017 political thriller American Coup by Van Arsdale is about a Central Intelligence Agency rookie Chuck Taylor. Taylor finds himself in a deep web of lies and conspiracy involving an assassination plot against the United States president. His hell begins on his first assignment delivering a top-secret letter to a field operator. When the operator tries to kill him, Chuck defends himself and kills the said assassin. His superior then declares him a traitor. Wanted and with orders to be shot on sight, Taylor must turn to his only ally, Lisa Fontaine, to find the truth about all these similar letters assigning assassins to kill the top executives of the U.S. government. American Coup is a powerhouse read and is just one of the several Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine thrillers by Greg Van Arsdale.

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