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Polished with a golden sheen and cast in bronze, the majestic Hanuman kneels in the form of Panchamukhi (five-headed) on this sculpture. All his five heads stare off in five... Read More

This large mythical bird is a representation of birth and heaven and an enemy of snakes, carrying amalgamated features of an eagle and human. Here it sits on a large... Read More

A many-layered Ganesha idol, designed for the finest home or office temple. A traditional-style plinth carved with elongated lotus petals. Featuring a simple floral structure down the frontal midline. The... Read More

Hindu religion is a massive expanse spanning countless sects, traditions, and cultures. While some are just nice and elegant, some go beyond the societal norms to realise their spiritual quest.... Read More

The vitarka mudra is of great importance in Buddhist iconography. The enlightened one sits in a stable padmasana and raises the right hand in the stance of dispensing vidya (awareness).... Read More

Devi Gayatri is a deity of complex origins. Mother of the Vedas (the Vedamata), She is the personification of the all-important Gayatri mantra. However, according to the Skanda Purana, She... Read More

This set of kurta and pajama, tailored out of pure hand-spun and hand-woven lengths popularly known as khadi, is now Indian people’s most loved to wear popular alike among multi-national... Read More

The saptamatrka is a set of interesting deities from the Hindu pantheon. They are the maternal manifestations (‘matrikas’) of seven (‘sapta’) Hindu devas; and, as divine manifestations, are distinct from... Read More

The panchamukha-roopa is common to many deities in the Hindu pantheon. The word ‘panchamukha’ is a portmanteau of ‘pancha’, which means five, and ‘mukha’, which means face. The murti that... Read More

On the pistil of an upturned lotus, pedestal stands the steady chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) Ganesha, poised on a quadrilateral plinth engraved with lotus petals. The vertical structures on either side of... Read More