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This painting, "The Heroine in Her Wind Palace - Watercolor Painting" a masterpiece in Indian miniature art form, representing a royal lady, obviously a princess, seen across the gavaksha, or... Read More

Indian contemporary art mainly focuses on portraits. In this oil painting, the artist captures a middle-aged woman decorating herself. The woman is illustrated with a porcelain complexion, with her lovely... Read More

While shawls of this variety are known for their gravity and their strictly traditional look, this is one pashmina shawl that has a more contemporary look. In terms of color... Read More

A Banarasi handloom is one of the age-old forms of embroidery, originated from Banaras and still finds its suited position in the contemporary fashion trend. The soft and smooth texture... Read More

Murals distinguish the folk art of Kerala. A fine tradition to be found in the temples and palaces dotting the Malabar Coast, the earliest examples are to be found in... Read More

Radha and Krishna are usually depicted as a pair of youthful lovers stealing away into the woods of Vrindavan. However, in the painting that you see on this page, they... Read More

Of all the different layers of concentration expounded in the yogasootras, it is the seeded kind that is aided by visualisation imagery. By seeded, Maharshi Patanjali meant the state of... Read More

The beauty of the Devi Kali lies in her ferocity and invincibility. The very picture of her is enough to make the adharmee tremble with fear. Each of Her ten... Read More

Coral is governed by planet Mars. In astrology, great importance is attached to this planet, especially when considering a match for marriage. The position of the planet Mars in individual... Read More

This enthrall pendant is crafted with multi hues gemstones beaded with lapis lazuli in the center. The alluring appeal of this ornament is filled with elegance and grace. This beauty... Read More