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Time Attendance Tracking Improved the accountability

The Tektronix Mobile App introduces real-time attendance tracking that promotes accountability while reduces the burden of administration. This function provides an accurate recording of student's attendance and allows teachers to... Read More

Biometric Access Control System that spans Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of the UAE

With the ever-changing world of security technologies biometric access control has become a revolutionary method of protecting sensitive areas. In this regard, Tektronix Technologies stands out especially within Dubai, Abu... Read More

Tektronix Technologies' Surveillance Systems

By using Tektronix's car surveillance tools, businesses as well as people living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can proactively safeguard their vehicles. Real-time monitoring capabilities help protect against risks that... Read More

Mobile Application Development

Furthermore, we are experts in the development of mobile applications aiding businesses to tap into the rapidly growing mobile market. From simple user interfaces and seamless integration with current technology,... Read More

Benefits of AI Integration in Visitor Management Systems

AI integration with Visitor Management Systems automates the registration and check-in processes and allows visitors to speed through the registration process. Through the use of facial recognition and biometrics these... Read More

With the constantly evolving technological landscape and technology, the significance of effective analysis of traffic flows cannot be overemphasized. Tektronix Technologies, a pioneer in this area, has been leading the... Read More

Tektronix Technologies is an award-winning provider of technology solutions across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. Focused on innovation development and customer satisfaction, they offer an expansive variety of... Read More