Cupro Nickel Tubes 95/5, 90/10 & 70/30 Automobile Industries Exporters in India

Nexim Alloys is most respected manufacturers, stockists, supplier & exporter of Cupro Nickel Tubes 95/5, 90/10 & 70/30 Automobile Industries. These Tubes consists of features like high ductility, Malleability, smooth surface finish, good wear & tear capability, corrosion & abrasion resistant, long lasting strength good conductors of heat & electricity etc. These Tubes have its application in industries like electrical system, heat exchangers, condensers, automobiles and more. These Tubes are made in different size, dimension & thickness and are delivered to customers as per their need & requirement. These Cupro Nickel Tubes are manufactured using best quality raw material and do match national & international quality standard and this helps us to have high demand in the market from our customers. When it comes to packaging it is done with excellent care because we know the challenges faced while import & export of product hence we see through it that the product is delivered in good conditions without any harm to it. The prices for these Tubes are market friendly & customer oriented.