Using decarboxylation techniques like the, Mini, or Nova, you'll receive the most THC or CBD possible while spending less per visit to the dispensary.

Infusion Press, cheesecloth, a sieve, or another device.

Infusion A Lifter of your choice, a sleeve or tempered glass jar (for decarbing wax or concentrates), and materials that are easy to insert into and remove from the device. Because it gives us enough room for two decarb, infusion, or bake processes at once, we prefer the Double Lifter.

like the or Mold, an airtight storage container.

Ingredients in CBD Infused Olive Oil

1 gram of cannabis flower*, 1/4 gram of cannabis concentrate, some kief, or several handfuls of stems and sugar leaf are also acceptable substitutes.

Olive Oil With CBD, 1 ounce*