Find out now about the cause of hair fall and how to take care of your hair to grow thicker, longer hair (Hair Growth Tips In Tamil). Hair growth, dark color, density, length of hair depends on each woman's physical characteristics, body temperature and location. Normally, head hair always grows at the base. So proper trimming and maintenance of the ends of the hair will help the hair to grow smoothly and long. Hair helps protect the scalp and can even be called the skin's best friend. Oil glands in the skin help maintain hair. Hair loss is a major concern of today's youth.Among the existing problems, hair loss has been a separate problem. Apart from proper sleep and maintenance, diet also helps in making hair strong, youthful and healthy. Here's what to do to grow healthy hair. First of all, it is important to know the characteristics of women's hair and take care of it accordingly. Some people have smooth, coarse, dense hair, sparse hair, canine hair, silky hair, unruly spiky hair, springy curly hair, red and exposed hair in foreigners.