Have The Courage To Try Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Goals

Give yourself the permission to change the trajectory of your Life!

Individuals are enthralled by the possibility of realizing their full potential. To reach the next level, you must understand the importance of action that will guarantee your desired outcome. Dr. Clacks provides not just useful and practical advice but also invaluable insight that can be applied to all aspects of life to achieve success with 9 strategies.

His world was filled with poverty, racism, prejudice, and violence. By changing his behaviors, priorities and taking concrete steps to reach his dreams, he transformed from a young man with no future goals to a military commander and educator. He defied the odds and achieved success. He now provides concrete steps to reach your dreams. You will learn what to do and the actions required to achieve the results you desire in life.

Erek recounts his life story and reveals the 90-10 Rule, showing a practical strategy that anybody can use to achieve extraordinary results. Your life will never be the same after you employ the practical techniques in this book. Everything in your environment changes when you change. Have the Courage to Try: Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Goals is meant for everyone desiring to realize their full potential and achieve success.