Hydraulic Scrap Baling Machine for Compacting Iron, MS, Steel, CRC, Turning Scrap

You are watching hydraulic baling press, a versatile machine that compresses a wide range of scrap materials, from iron and MS to aluminium, steel, paper, plastics, and textiles. This baling machine is perfect for recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, and waste management centers. This baling press efficiently compact the scrap and produces highly compact bales (15×15) which is easy to transport and promoting responsible waste management. This hydraulic baling press machine known as baler machine creates tightly packed bales from bulky metal scraps like aluminium cans, steel drums, and car bodies. Advance Hydrau-Tech, a trusted manufacturer, offers a variety of scrap processing solutions for your needs. Contact us for all types of scrap processing machines and solutions. We are India's largest manufacturer and exporter of scrap processing machines. Our balers, shears, shredders and briquetting are widely used machines in metal recycling industries.