Paper Egg Tray Making Machine | 800-6500Pieces/H

One of the main suppliers of egg tray making machines is Beston. The supplier is renowned for its high production, energy-efficient, high quality, affordable machines. A wide array of different machine models exists to complement the custom manufacturing requirements of numerous customers. Several of the countries the supplier has exported machinery too include Brazil, India, the Philippines, South Africa, and Egypt.

You will find manual egg tray making machines available in addition to fully automatic and semi-automatic models. The automated versions have drying systems to help you accelerate the egg tray manufacturing process. That said, if you are positioned in a country which has a hot, dry climate, you might be unlikely to want a powered drying system as the wet egg trays will dry rapidly in the sunshine. While manual paper pulp molding machines be expensive lower than automatic versions, they actually do have limited output capacities. A typical model could have a per hour output rate of 1000 pieces.

Semi-automatic egg tray making machines, with output capacities of 2500pcs/hour, are less costly than fully automatic models, nonetheless they demand a team of manual workers to move wet molds into the drying system. Full automatic paper pulp molded machines, meanwhile, have an integrated conveyor belt system that automatically transports wet molds in the drying system for a fully automated production line. The hourly output capacities of top-line models exceed 6000 units and businesses could save a small fortune on labor costs.

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