Pomalidomide 4 MG: A Group of Immunomodulatory Drugs (IMiD)

Pomalidomide 4 mg, also named Pomalyst, belongs to a group of drugs called immunomodulatory drugs (IMiD) which act by modifying the immune system. The drug pomalidomide 4 mg aimed to treat multiple myeloma.
The immune system typically is a collection of tissues and organs that help protect the body from infection and countless diseases. Pomalidomide is a 3'rd generation IMiD and has an identical chemical structure to other existing IMiDs, such as thalidomide and lenalidomide which are also widely used for treating patients with myeloma. Pomalidomide capsules 4 mg is a more targeted therapy than conventional chemotherapy and is thought to have various mechanisms of action that affect the survival of myeloma cells.