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"With this collection of short stories Vincent Ciambriello born in Brooklyn, New York, extends his talent as a songwriter into the realms of imaginative fiction. Refreshingly entertaining, his stories are by... Read More

Since the start of the cholera outbreak among countries, government institutions and health organizations have discussed the causes, symptoms, and prevention of cholera. In January 2010, a strong earthquake (7.3... Read More

"This book is a work of fiction, although the events depicted in this book are far from fictitious. The difficulties women face in police work and the workplace, in general,... Read More

"Professor Emir Cruz Fernández is the author of Muslims of Spain, Marvel Education, and the much-anticipated The Stoic Educator, not to mention a fan of everything related to culture. Emir... Read More

Emily Buchanan has lost everything that she loves in a tragic car accident. She has nowhere to turn until she has an old friend to make contact with her, about... Read More

"A sixteenth-century prophet from Salon France, wrote that he had published one thousand prophecies that describe hundreds of years of history, decades, and centuries before their fantastic fulfillment. Reincarnation is... Read More

"This is a story that just has to be written. It’s about someone who lives such an outstanding and selfless life but keeps a very low profile making me feel... Read More

"Ms. Mary Y. Booth is a thoughtful, intellectual, and creative individual with a strong compassion for the weak, loss, and hurting. Spiritually driven to serve the LORD in meaningful ways,... Read More