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How do I connect to NETGEAR Wi-Fi?

There are various cautions that a user has to take before performing the Firmware update process of a router. During the Firmware update, make sure that the router is having... Read More

What is my NETGEAR login and password?

Guest network in a Netgear router allows visitors to access the Internet without using any Wifi password. A user can create a guest network using the router’s web interface either... Read More

A Netgear router can be utilized as the Bridge mode that allows you to get connected to multiple devices at the same time for gaining better performance. You need two... Read More

How do I connect to my NETGEAR router?

To limit the usage of the Internet over the routerlogin.net network, a user can directly turn on and turn off the Wifi radios using the router’s interface. If you turn... Read More