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In Hindu Religion Lord Vishnu is a paramaguru, the creative aspect of the Hindu creator-preserver-destroyer trinity. He is a handsome, powerful deity who dreamed the world into being whilst He... Read More

The bhumisparsha mudra is an interesting gesture assumed by no other deity than the Buddha. In Sanskrit, 'bhumi' means earth and 'sparsha' means to touch. The Buddha sits in the... Read More

In Hindu Religion Lord Krishna is as handsome as Lord Gopala, His Baala-Roopa (infant form), is adorable. Since His arrival in Vrindavan from Mathura, He had won the hearts of... Read More

An image of the infinite limbs and the inexhaustible prowess of the Devi Durga. Upon the severed head of the divine mahisha (buffalo), She stands, Her hips jutting subtly at... Read More

The finest of the vanarasena, Lord Hanumana is an incomparable jewel in the necklace of Ramayan characters. He single-handedly discovered Mother Seeta in Her captive state, set ruin upon Lanka,... Read More

A majestic Lord Ganesha is seated in the pistil of a lotus. His complexion is the color of milk, the stance of His legs in keeping with the attitude of... Read More

When creation began to happen, the first ’form’ that it took was that of a Linga, hence ‘linga’ means ‘the form’. Mukhalinga, as the name says, means linga with a... Read More

Shiva in his meditation is a form of his Samadhi where he is fully aware of the self and the world at the same time. It is believed that Lord... Read More

Lord Vishnu is at the center of the fundamental Hindu Trimurti (trinity). Between Lord Brahma who gives birth and Lord Shiva who annihilates, Lord Vishnu is responsible for the preservation... Read More

While Lord Shiva is a recurrent subject of choice with Indian artists and sculptors, His role as the divine householder would make for an unusual pick for your space. The... Read More