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SULFUR CHEMICAL W.L.L is dedicated to achieve high level of customer relish by providing Reliable, Consistent and Cost effective Chemical and Non Chemical logistics solutions SULFUR CHEMICAL W.L.L is dedicated to... Read More

Heimtextil Frankfurt 2024 Exhibition will take place at the Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany, on January 9–12, 2024. The worldwide textile community’s specialists are welcome to attend Heimtextil Frankfurt 2024... Read More

Pigment Dispersions For Textiles . Welcome to the world of AMI PHTHALO, a leading manufacturer of ALPHA BLUE pigments since 1979. . Charting our journey from a nascent player to celebrating our 40th... Read More

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CHEMICAL NAME: Anhydrous Ferric Phosphate; Ferric Phosphate; Iron Phosphate Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is widely used in lithium-ion batteries as the positive electrode material of the battery. It has many advantages that... Read More

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